From Whisper

From Whisper

So guys, I am basically starting to give up on tumblr. I mean I do enjoy the gif sets from our fabulous gay boys here as much as the next user but, it seems that the serious is completely obliterated by the spurious.

Specifically, even my most serious post is far from hitting even 100 hits. On the other hand, my post that has over 25,000 hits is this:

Meanwhile, over on Snapchat…

I do have to kind of resent the fact that Captain Neckbeard here eclipsed any actual creative input from yours truly by a factor of roughly 10^3. I mean, come on.

Anyway, I’m mostly blogging at Wordpress these days. Not that there’s anything wrong with the content here but… well, you know. You can’t live on sweets alone. Gotta have your veggies and protein from somewhere.


This is how I feel towards the people posting links from E Online and Entertainment Tonight that feature “Exclusive Footage” on “Amanda Bynes’  Meltdown”. They pretend like they care, but she’s just fucking clickbait to them. That’s how you show you don’t care.


This is how I feel towards the people posting links from E Online and Entertainment Tonight that feature “Exclusive Footage” on “Amanda Bynes’  Meltdown”. They pretend like they care, but she’s just fucking clickbait to them. That’s how you show you don’t care.

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Nude hacking scandal, and the benefits of older digital cameras

So the news says there’s yet another round of female celebrity nudes about to hit the internet’s usual cesspools, reddit and 4chan. The MO is the same as always: cloud accounts are hacked, the images downloaded. The motive remains the same as well: to hurt and embarrass women for the crime of being women. (It’s safe to say that male celebrities can rest easy.)

The key security flaw is the cloud. Not only pics that people intentionally save to iCloud, Dropbox or other account, but also pics they do NOT mean to save. See, the iPhone by default automatically saves every single pic you take to the cloud. It’s not something you generally think of and is easy to forget, even if you’re taking a nude selfie for yourself or your partner. It is possible to turn off this feature but given the difficulty, and given how it gets turned right back on every time you update your iOS, and given the fact that you’re vulnerable if you text or email your pic no matter what, I wouldn’t rely on phone settings.

Instead, I really recommend having an offline camera with NO wifi for this. This way, your pics will be safely stored on your offline, unhackable camera and on your computer. While your personal PC or Macbook is still technically hackable as well, it’s a hell of a lot harder than your iCloud and so will be a lot safer from your average 4chan troll, especially if you take reasonable precautions with firewalls.

There is another benefit as well: privacy. If you are worried about corporations or the NSA snooping on you and your movements, having a camera with no GPS and no wifi means your locations will not be embedded in your photo data (unlike with iPhone pics) and if you never put pics on any internet-connected computer at all, they will never see your pics without physically stealing your camera.

You have two ways to go. One is by getting an el-cheapo point-and-click with no bells or whistles. Specifically no wifi bell or GPS whistle. This Samsung PL120 device is a decent option: (no I am not the seller); there are plenty of others as well.

The other option is going with a older DSLR for higher-quality portraits. All the new fancy cameras have wifi and GPS, but older models such as this Nikon D80 do not. I use the D80 as my primary camera and it is fantastic. I transfer my photos with the SD card only.

It’s sad we live in such a brutal world where we have to take extra precautions like this, but there it is.

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I absolutely love the end result.

i can’t believe i watched that

i thought this was going to take me on a spiritual journey and it did

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Oct 3

Science for GIRLS: sparkly, not serious.Via Feminist Philosophers, on Boing Boing.


Science for GIRLS: sparkly, not serious.

Via Feminist Philosophers, on Boing Boing.

Oct 1
  • me: are there any spirits listening
  • ouija: yes are you alone
  • me: yes
  • ouija: haha nice whats up :P
  • me: trying to contact my dead grandmother
  • ouija: cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol



How To Ask If A Girl Is Gay

1000% true

i just learned that i’m a straight girl…

Why free speech and the First Amendment matters to feminists

I often don’t say many good things about the American justice system, but one major exception is the First Amendment. Our system of free speech is the best in the world, and it is easy to forget until you encounter cases like from the link above (TW: RAPE).

Basically, Canada has censored the naming of a gang rape victim who later committed suicide after pictures of her rape was shared around her charming community. I don’t mean just censored in the press — not even her own parents can name her publicly. This was obviously a censorship law enacted for the noblest reasons — protection of rape victims — but it ran into the law of unintended consequences. I don’t care how enlightened and progressive your government is (and, let’s face it, it probably isn’t anyway.) No small collection of old men should be allowed to police speech. 

Also, our First Amendment is a major reason why America remains the dominant content provider for the globe in all matters from film, to literature, to media sites like Buzzfeed… which means that the rape victim’s name is kept alive only because of American news outlets. If America had pursued the same censorship as Canada and Western Europe, her name would have gone down the memory hole.

There is one other thought. If a progressive government is allowed to censor speech, as in Canada, then why couldn’t a Tea Party government be allowed to do the same? Could you imagine what would happen to feminism if President Rick Santorum wielded that power?

So yes, free speech can lead to unpleasantness. But it can also lead to justice, the like of which is blocked from the parents of Rehtaeh Parsons, who cannot even use her name… whereas some random blogger like me can use that name because both I and Tumblr are based in New York City.

Windows 8 Was So Bad That Microsoft Is Skipping Straight to Windows 10

Apparently, Windows 8 failed so badly that they are skipping Windows 9 entirely. I am not making this up. But I think Win8’s bad reputation is unfounded, unlike a similar disaster known as Windows Vista.

 The stupid wannabe-a-tablet tiled “Start Screen” is indeed made of fail, but once you get past that, the system is more stable and faster than Win7. My machine is set up to go directly to the familiar Windows desktop and has a third-party Start-button simulator, thereby bypassing almost all of the suck and getting straight to the win. It boots faster, it is more stable, it makes updating my drivers easier. 

The main reason Win8 is considered a failure is because the hack, untalented Microsoft CEO at the time lacked the insight to realize why people still use desktops sometimes instead of tablets, therefore playing up his system’s weaknesses instead of its strengths. But the fact remains, we still need traditional desktops/laptops. If you disagree, I invite you to live and work with nothing but tablets and phones for a few months, no real desktop or laptop allowed. I have done so when I first moved to NYC, and I assure you, it sucks balls.

For those that enjoy a good livetweet, check out this epic livetweet of the most horrible woman in the world. Drunkeness, racism, sexual harassment, it’s all there. 


why are you a feminist? © rebeccacohenart.tumblr.comon anonymous was a woman: pinterest: feimineach


why are you a feminist?
on anonymous was a woman: pinterest: feimineach

So I pushed out my draft of my 3rd PR piece today… it’s so empowering to be actually writing copy again